Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Steven Tamarin, M.D.—Memorial Service

Just to clarify, the memorial service for
Dr. Steven Tamarin, M.D. will be held on:

Saturday, December 6, 2-4 p.m.
New York Academy of Medicine
103rd Street and Fifth Avenue, 2nd floor (enter on 103rd St.)

There is a warm remembrance of Steve at the website of New York State Academy of Family Physicians, and in the comments section on yesterday's post.

Thanks to the readers who shared this information in their comments, and for the lovely remembrances of Steve.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this remembrance. I, too, have a developmentally delayed child--a son, now 23. When the pediatric practice we always went to was trying to push him out, I couldn't think of the right doctor to turn to. Then I thought of Steve Tamarin. For the last two years he has been my son's doctor, and I cannot think of anyone left like him who would be as sensitive.

pearleaf said...

Steve Tamarin and I went to Shimer College together. This is a tiny institution with a remarkable Great Books curriculum. Steve was a fine example of the product of a professional education together with the skills of critical thinking. This made him a superb diagnostician and he was the best I ever went to.
He was also a mensch. For those who do not know this Yiddish word a mensch is someone who knows the right thing to do and does it. This is also what made him a great doctor. He knew how to listen, how to ease anxiety, and how to use his skills to make this world a better place.
I have not been in contact with him lately and deeply regret that. Everyone whose life he touched has lost someone who added to the quality of our lives.
I can only hope that they didn't break the mold when they made him because we sure need more Steve Tamarins.
Rabbi Phil Bentley

MothersVox said...


As we all continue to mourn Dr. Tamarin's passing, please know that the office is open and that Nicole, the receptionist, has told me that people who are local to Steve's office can come in and pick up their medical records.

Be sure to have photo ID so that she can comply with privacy laws by making a photocopy of your driver's license or other government issued identification.

The phone is not disconnected, though there are fewer lines in use, so be patient and call again if you don't get through the first time.

Nicole also mentioned that Steve's practice may continue. His family is considering continuing the practice with a new physician. Big shoes to fill, but a wonderful legacy to maintain.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I went into his office yesterday not only to get my medical records, but to be there, to help ease my grief. I ended up blubbering like a baby.

I have some photos of the office if anyone is interested. I also turned some pics into a photo show (very short, nothing fancy.) Write to me at

I'm also looking for a doctor who would have made Steve proud. So any suggestions are welcome.

On an ironic note, one of the photos I took was from the kids' room, the blue room, with toys and such. In the picture, I realized I'd snapped the Pink Power Ranger. For those who are unfamiliar, this was a popular show in the 90s. (Am not sure of its current status).

I lived in Sherman Oaks in 1995 and one of my acquaintances was, you guessed it, the young actress who played the Pink Power Ranger.

I'd like to think that Dr. T played a part in this little irony, and that he's continuing to give me strength as I grieve for him.

euncyk said...

I knew Steve during his personal time of distress; but he always had the time and attention to think of the welfare of others. As someone else said, he was truly a "mensh" and a dear and caring person.

Anonymous said...

Dr. T was my doctor and voice of reason for the last 10 plus years. He was truly a wonderful, caring person. I am so sad to hear of his untimely passing.

Unknown said...

Steve was not only my doctor, but a friend as well. I met Steve over 30 years ago, when he started to bring his car to my auto repair shop on West 96th St. We immediately connected, and became friends. I was shocked to find out that he had passed away. He was a very talented and gifted doctor. He will be missed by all those who knew him, especially me.
May God Bless you Steve in your new home.
John Aprea

Claire Haynes said...

I was happy to read your comments about Dr. Tamarin. I first met him over 30 years ago at a Brooklyn Hospital and followed him to Manhattan when he opened his private practice. My heart aches at his passing, however I am happy that we were able to exchange hugs during my visit to his office on that last Thanksgiving Wednesday. He was my friend, mentor, brother, and for 6 months my employer. I would like to convey to his son and parents my deepest sympathies. I know he is now an angel. Claire H.

Trish said...

I'm very sad about Dr. Tamarin's passing, and wish to convey my sympathies to his family.
Does anyone know whether there is still a way to obtain one's medical records? I've called there a few times, first was told records were unavailable yet, then got no answer on the phone. What should I do? Thanks for any help in this matter.

Pat Nelson said...

My heart is breaking. I am in tears. I didn't know. I had moved to Minnesota 14 years ago. My last visit in NY was to Steve...

As so many have said in their comments - he was a nonesuch.

So many rememberances come flooding back...

The world really is a sadder place with out him.

Anonymous said...

I left a comment initially when I found out about Dr. T's passing. He had been my doctor for over 15 years. I still can't find another doctor that even comes close to filling his shoes. Still, I'm very saddened by our loss. He was an amazing man, amazing doctor.