Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Little Ponies

A year or two ago Sweet M saw an enticing television commercial for the My Little Pony stage show and begged to go. Unfortunately it was only on tour in Tulsa, Dallas, and other parts west. But we put her name on an email notification list for when the show might come to New York and about two months ago we learned it was coming to Madison Square Garden — a good bit closer to us than Tulsa.

So Sweet M got tickets. The challenge was figuring out which schoolmates would be interested, because, well, My Little Pony is not exactly the coolest thing among the 10-year-old set. Most of these girls are off to the Hannah Montana concerts, having left the Ponies and Teletubbies and Sesame Street long ago.

So imagine my surprise when Sweet M's teacher told me that almost any of the girls in her grade would be thrilled to go. My Little Pony has a sort of retro-chic about it. So suddenly my seemingly "delayed" girl was fashion forward.

I took three girls yesterday — to "the World's Biggest Tea Party" — where everyone is invited to join the fun.

One question remains. When will I get it into my head that Autism's Edges is Oppositeville — what's good is bad, what's bad is good, what's delayed is fashion-forward.


fledchen said...

I'm 26 and I still think plastic horses are pretty cool (though my tastes run more toward Schleich and Breyer figurines rather than MLP).

kristina said...

Retro-chic a couple times over!

Anonymous said...

fledchen, welcome! I just visited your blog and it was so interesting. Thanks for visiting here. And hi Kristina!

S.L. said...

We took our girls there last year, they had a blast! You've got to love retro-chic trends, eh? Happy to hear about your wonderful day.

Anonymous said...


The World's Biggest Tea Party? Oh criminy, M, better you than me!

Eddie Cochran is as retro-chic as I go.


MothersVox said...

RED, You totally cracked me up. The My Little Ponies extravaganza tells you just how far I'm willing to go to amuse my little one. And yes, lucky for you that it was me! Somehow the dancing pony suits was probably not likely to work for you!