Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Signs Along the Way

I wish this automatic sign-generator program had a lovelier landscape for the background, as I know Autism to be a much lusher landscape. But I couldn't resist getting our new road sign generated.


Tera said...

Welcome to autism, indeed! (I'm being serious).

There's an article by Svenny Kopp and Christopher Gilberg about how autism is difficult to diagnose in girls, because it can present differently than people expect.

MothersVox said...

Tera, Thanks for that interesting article.

I had often wondered if part of what was going on with the diagnostic ambiguity was something about gender and sex difference. I was particularly interested in this because the data on classic autism suggest that if girls are Dx'd as autistic that they have a significantly higher likelihood of having a high degree of cognitive impairment.

Thus it was looking to me as though it might be that unless a girl had a high degree of cognitive impairment that she wasn't likely to get an ASD Dx.

Also girls with ADHD are similarly under Dx'd.

So thank you!

kristina said...

The sign recalls the first few pages of Ann Bauer's A Wild Ride Up the Cupboards----it's on my shelf here....

Unknown said...

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