Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sweet Lists

Today Sweet M's girls' running and self-esteem group had their last meeting and celebration.

She came home with a goody bag and a beautiful pair of lists. On one side of a sheet of paper is a list of "positive things that people see in me," filled in by her team mates. On the other side of the sheet is a list of things she's grateful for.

This is what the first list says (all spellings are from the girls' original list):
  • appreciates being outside!
  • motivated to RUN!
  • Energentic
  • Energentic!
  • focused and determined
  • energetic
  • Love to run
  • Has great blu eyes
  • A great BFF
  • Cool
  • Nice complexion
  • Always ready to run
  • (or do anything)
  • Speaks your mind
I'm fascinated that she's got someone as a BFF. Very interesting. Have to follow-up on that.

And this is Sweet M's list of things she's grateful for:
  • books
  • small dogs
  • puppy's
  • sweet ice cream
  • IPhone
  • Have Fun
  • Pokemon
  • (a peace sign)
  • cake
  • earth day
  • music
  • Tree's toys
  • Games
  • animals
  • TV dog's
  • YouTube
  • 1742
  • cartoon's
  • relax
I understood most of the items on her list — ice cream, tv, small dogs — but "1742"? What's up with that? She's already asleep, so I'll have to ask her tomorrow.

And she's grateful for the iPhone. Gotta love that in the girl — she grateful for things she doesn't even have (yet).

Finally I guess we have some work to do on the difference between plurals and possessives. But that's no harder than a 5K.

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