Saturday, June 05, 2010

Miles to Go (1.242 Miles, to be Exact)

We are hoping the humidity will break and the weather will cool down because tomorrow morning Sweet M is set to run a 2K.

A 2K.

It's another "who'd have thought it possible" moment over here at Autism's Edges.

First there is the general lack of athleticism of her parents. Both of us were the type of kids who had no interest in competitive sports.

Secondarily, Sweet M has had her share of what I call round years . . . years when her otherwise mesomorphic physique grew round and endomorphic with the side effects of one medication that is known to pack on the pounds.

But things changed when she switched medications last year and since early spring she's been doing a girls' afterschool running and self-esteem program.

Tomorrow's the big day of the 2K. Go M go.

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Anonymous said...

commenting here even though i read this days ago and already know of sweet m's FIVE K victory!!

thinking of you and day 7 of our 30 in 30 adventure.