Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Greatest Problem in the World

I have the greatest — as in absolutely best — problem in the world.

Sweet M wants a dog.

The same sweet girl who just a few years ago screamed in terror at the sight of any dog now wants a dog of her own.

Do any of you remember the days when we had to cross the street when we came across someone walking a dog? I sure do. But those days seem to be far, far behind us now. And it's not even been five years.

The canine-phobia is gone.

Now, when she sees a dog, first she'll ask the dog owner if it's okay to pet their little guy. She's learned to let the dog sniff her hand, then she gives them a little scratch behind the ears.

Sometimes she goes for the baby talk as she pets the little ones — "Who's a cutey wootey?" I'm supposed to be discouraging the baby talk, but I'm so stunned by her shift, that I just haven't been able to step up on that front.

So I have greatest, absolutely best, problem in the world: how to keep up with her success. How to manage our lives so I can to rise to support her progress.

We are in a tiny apartment. I have allergies. And Fathersvox has sworn that he will never take any dog for a walk under any circumstances.

It's all a bit of a problem. And I'm thrilled to have it.

Does anyone have any teeny-tiny hypo-allergenic dog breeds to recommend?


Anonymous said...


what about a cockapoo? poodle/cocker spaniel mix? their hypo allergenic, small, soft, cuddly and i think, smart.

MothersVox said...

I know, I know . . . Isn't it a great problem? I love having these problems that come from our kids progress. I'll post about another one today!

Liz Ditz said...

I do remember the dog-phobia days.

Here's my recommendation: find an autism service-dog breeder/trainer and give him/her your requirements. Ask for a recommendation.

A lot of the breeders know each other so recruiting a service dog breeder (typically bigger, 30+ pounds) in finding a physically & mentally sound small dog may work.

MothersVox said...

Hi Liz! So great hearing from you. I love that you remember the dog-o-phobia days! It is so great to travel on this journey with friends and allies!

And that's a brilliant idea to seek out an autism service dog breeder/trainer. I'm going to get started on that so that right away.

Anonymous said...

Generally just a lurker but if it'll help...poodles tend to be hypo-allergenic. AND they come in toy sizes, to boot! (we have a toy poodle and she weighs about 7#). Just be aware of where you get him/her - poodles are big "puppy mill" dogs and can have lifelong problems with their knees and digestive systems if they haven't been bred by reputable breeders.

MothersVox said...

Hello Sharon. Thanks for coming out of the shadows to share those insights. I have heard about the horrors of puppy mills, and would really prefer to go a rescue group or pound. But want to be sure of the dog's disposition, so that integration in family life (close quarters that we have) is easy. I'm so grateful for the poodle information. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Good for Sweet M! :D

If you're still stuck, I'd recommend a Breed Selector like this one: http://www1.dogbreedinfo.com/search.htm

It won't give you a magic solution, but for first time owners it can be a real help in working out which breeds or types you should be tending towards for your needs.

MothersVox said...

Thanks for that tip muted-hikokiri! I will check that out. She does want a dog, that is for sure! And I love this sweet problem.