Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Gravity Pulls at Autism's Edges

Over here at Autism's Edges we're delighted to see that Gravity Pulls You In, the extraordinary anthology of writing by parents of kids on the spectrum edited by Kyra Andersen (thismom.com) and Vicki Forman (vickiforman.com), will be out this month (and is now available for pre-orders at Amazon).

"Notes from Autism's Edges," an essay woven from blog posts you may have read at this site over the past four years, is the second selection in the volume. And it's a section title, too! Proud we are. And humbled too, by the extraordinary company we share in this volume. Can't wait to read the whole thing!


Mary said...

I can't wait to read it either, and am especially looking forward to your piece. There is sooooo much wisdom on Autism's Edges.

Anonymous said...

And proud you should be! It ought to be at your doorstep by the end of this week!

Is Autism Treatable? said...

Thanks for sharing this achievement.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware Viki Forman even had an autistic child.