Thursday, November 23, 2006

How Many More?

Twelve-year-old Ulysses Stable was slashed to death in the bathtub by his father, a sole caregiver who was home schooling his son in their Bronx apartment. Ulysses was described by the New York Times as "severely autistic."

How many more autistic children will be murdered by their parents before people wake up and see that there is an urgent need for good schools for our children, support services for families, and respite care for caregivers?

I wish I had an upbeat Thanksgiving Day post, but I can't get this story out of my mind.

I am heartbroken to read about this on Thanksgiving morning: while more fortunate families line the Thanksgiving Day Parade route to see playful cartoon characters on a giant scale, buoyed on their way, somewhere in the Bronx in a cold florescent-lit morgue there is the body of a boy slashed to death by his father who could carry on no longer. Nothing was keeping them afloat.

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kristina said...

I read it last night and there went my holiday spirit----meant a lot to see Charlie hope into the bed with Jim this morning and laugh and say "lie down!"