Monday, August 14, 2006

Good Money to Be Made in Bad Practices

Detail from the 2005 Federal Tax Form 990 for the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center, page 5.

I just couldn't get the image of these young African American men testifying that electric shock aversives had done them good out of my head.

So I decided to take a look at some of the finances of the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center. It's easy to do since non-profits are required to file Federal Tax Form 990 financial statements, and these are available at

Turns out that while, according to a New York State Department of Education Report, most of the staff at the JRC have almost no education (and are likely poorly paid), the director of the JRC has an ample salary and benefit package — more than $365,000 in 2005.

No wonder JRC is working so hard to keep the school open — sending these kids to a public hearing to lobby on their behalf.

There's good money to be made in abusing disabled children.



kristina said...

Awful, shivers, bad, what is this world we live in (or try to?)?

abfh said...

You're so right about that. When I blogged about JRC, I got a comment from a "Mental Health Assistant" who works there. He was yapping about how much more knowledgeable he supposedly was.

I looked up his profile on Blogger. He's only 18. Probably has no training whatsoever.

John Best said...

Once again, neurodiverse logic wants to deprive children of the opportunity to improve themselves. I'll bet you never heard the old adage of spare the rod, spoil the child. It worked for generations of kids until some liberal know nothing do gooders convinced everyone it was child abuse. As a child who was hit with sticks, belts, fists and rosary beads, it was no big deal. Kids learned to obey the rules.
Some autistic kids can't learn. You really should read the parents discussion of this on the JRC blog. JRC is a place of last resort that helps kids who would otherwise be locked away for the rest of their lives. A few shocks to improve behavior is a hell of a lot better than a lifetime locked up with no hope for parole. Of course, chelation would be a better choice. I suppose you would rather JRC stuck with the old methods of beating kids into submission and killing some in the process.