Friday, April 21, 2006

Missing in Action

I've gotta admit it: this autism mom has been missing in action.

It's been two weeks since my last post. And two weeks is a long, long time in blog time. So my apologies to all autism blog cadres members and readers who may have stopped by and found no one at home.

So what's up and where have I been?

It might be nice to say that I'd headed off to the Caribbean for some much needed R & R, but that wasn't it.

Longtime visitors here at Autism's Edges will remember way-back-when when I'd come home from a interview for a new project and Sweet M made a rather lusty assessment of my interview getup.

Well, the folks who were recruiting me for that project came back with an offer in late February — just about the time we set out for our adventure in Chocolate World. But due to a whole array of complexities the contract negotiations have been ongoing for two months! In the last two weeks we've finally been close to a real deal, so I will soon be back wearing that primary breadwinner hat that Sweet M's dad and I had been tossing back and forth to each other like some sort of hot potato over the last several years.

Sweet M's dollhouse is the one place that the
closets are clean and the people get to sleep
for eight hours every night.

And then there was a bit of spring cleaning mania that I embarked upon. There were places in our lower Manhattan apartment that were still sporting dust from before the events of September 11th. In the last four years I'd been so busy with everything that I'd started operating by the motto that a clean home is a sign of a uninteresting life. But actually it was driving me crazy to know that at the top of the book cases there was a dust layer as thick as felt. So I've taken that edgy slightly manic springtime energy that could turn to irritation and channeled it into a household cleanup. Although our apartment would still cause Martha Stewart to grimace, there's been a little progress.

So I've been missing in action, but hardly inactive.

As Kyra aka This Mom wondered a while back, I'm wondering how I'm going to maintain my autism blog, and handle the time pressures that this new project will entail. I wonder how other autism mom and dad bloggers do it all: their jobs, their parenting responsibilities, their blogs. Kristina at Autismland has not one, but two blogs that she posts on regularly. Kevin maintains Autism Hub and another site. How do you do it? What gives? Can you maintain anything like a career, something that approaches a social life, perhaps a love life, a home that isn't a breeding ground for the next generation of super bacteria?

Over here at Autism's Edges one autism mom is wondering . . .

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kristina said...

So glad to hear from you!

The dust on our books is not so much thick as old--meaning that not only have I not dusted, but I haven't been able to get to the books at all.

One thing raising Charlie and living in Autismland has taught me: How to be a Jersey driver (to get home to Charlie, the dust and the dust bunnies, the empty refrigerator that Charlie wants filled now), to get from point A to point B down to point Q.